College? ....which one?

   Major? ....which one?

   Career? ....which one?

Questions, questions, questions - the life of a student can be overwhelmed by multiple questions and few answers.  Understanding the difficulties faced by these students as they move to the next stage in life, anchors consulting offers the following services to give them decision-making tools: 

The Highlands Ability Battery

A series of worksamples that measures and defines a person's natural abilities, The Highlands Ability Battery determines a student's learning channels and problem-solving methods.  Recognizing one's natural talents and having a strategy to develop them is a positive step toward ultimate career choices.

Future Directions Workshop

Future Directions is designed to help students gain a positive vision for their own futures. It does not seek to pigeon-hole or limit the options of any student. Rather, Future Directions helps students open options and ideas for themselves – realistic options that come from their own abilities, values, interests, and natural talents. Future Directions helps students start to make sense out of the question, "What am I going to do with my life?”

Students can understand what they would be good at doing, and what would be meaningful, enjoyable, and interesting. They can begin to envision a future that they want to live in — a future vision that can help guide the many career decisions they are about to start making.

Students who have a positive vision for the future are more likely to stay in college, do better, and enjoy the whole college experience. It can’t just be any vision, however, it has to be one that is clearly and positively linked to who the student is. Research has demonstrated repeatedly that nothing predicts either success or satisfaction better than having a Personal Vision that is positively grounded
to the individual.

 "I firmly believe that the information contained in The Highlands Ability Battery is more                                      valuable to a student than taking another SAT prep course."
University Admissions Director


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