Charting Your Course

How many of us take each day as it comes, with no idea where tomorrow will take us? 

While life can't always be predictable, the key to finding success may lie in charting a personal course based on one's natural abilities.

Why Abilities?

 1.  Abilities are natural talents that allow us to do certain tasks easily, quickly and well.

 2.  Abilities dictate how we best solve problems, learn, communicate and process information.

 3.  Abilities, once developed, remain constant throughout our lives.

 4.  Abilities make it easier to assume some roles in the workplace as opposed to others.

 5.  Abilities do not have a cultural or gender bias.

 6.  Abilities can be measured objectively.

How Can Abilities Be Measured?

The only way to measure abilities objectively is by means of a worksample. It is an actual task that has been specially constructed to use one ability and one ability only. No prior education, training, or experience gives anyone an advantage.

Testing for abilities involves The Highlands Ability Battery, a sophisticated tool that is crucial to uncovering what you do easily, quickly and you best solve problems, communicate and process information.  Upon completion of the Battery, you will receive a two-hour consultation to discuss your abilities and access to a web-based report defining your individual results.  Audiotapes of the consultation are also provided.



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