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Q: How are skills and abilities different?

A: Abilities are what you're naturally good at. Practicing an ability does not make it better. Neglecting an ability does not make it worse. You can have a strong ability your entire life and never even know it, if you never use it. By measuring your abilities objectively, you can know for sure exactly what your abilities are and can start to use your greatest gifts and talents.

Skills are what you learn. You may become very accomplished at a certain task through hard work and practice but the task did not come as easily to you as one that was a natural ability. Skills require more energy to do than abilities so using only skills can be an exhausting process.

Q: How early can The Ability Battery be taken?

A: Abilities are set by age 14. The Ability Battery, therefore, will be accurate for persons 14 and older.

Q: How much does The Ability Battery cost?

A: The Highlands Ability Battery costs $550.00. It includes a 30+ page written report and a two-hour conference with a counselor to interpret the results.

Q: How can I take The Highlands Ability Battery?

A: If you would like to take The Highlands Ability Battery or ask questions about anything on this website, please contact us by phone or email. We will be happy to help meet your career or workplace needs.

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