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All services for individuals begin with The Highlands Ability Battery. Recognizing one's natural abilities is the first step in developing a career plan or making career decisions. After completing The Highlands Ability Battery, clients may choose to pursue other services for additional career guidance.


Most people approach the job search by first identifying available jobs and then figuring out ways to fit themselves into those jobs. This tactic, while it seems logical, is actually not the most practical one, or the most efficient.

anchors consulting believes that career direction begins with self-assessment, not job-assessment. When people begin with a clear idea of their natural abilities, personality, interests, and values, they are then prepared to target the career that best matches those qualities. Compiling this information is extraordinarily difficult and not done easily in isolation. Chart Your Course is a 9-hour (3 hrs weekly for 3 weeks) workshop that briefly takes all of these factors into account and gives participants a structured process to use in developing career options. Chart Your Course includes two individual, post-workshop coaching sessions.


Building on the Whole Person Technology that is introduced in Chart Your Course, the Personal Strategic Planning Seminar is the most in-depth service offered by anchors consulting. The PSPS is a group program lasting 30 hours (3 hours weekly for 10 weeks). Using a structured and interactive process, the PSPS is an in-depth examination of the eight critical factors involved in creating a meaningful, intentional career plan. Individuals completing the PSPS report an increased ability to market themselves to potential employers and a greater degree of confidence in identifying appropriate roles and projects within their existing career situations.


For individuals who must make immediate career decisions or have a specific career question for which they need guidance, anchors consulting offers individual coaching.  A member of our staff of providers can meet privately with individuals regarding their career needs.

"Because of the Highlands Program, I was able to articulate to the Search Committee of my present employer how a technology manager in a Fortune 500 Company could function as the CEO of a non-profit serving people in poverty. The Highlands Program is the reason I found my dream career."  
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