At one time or another many of us feel adrift in a sea of choices.  Whether you're a student wondering what major to declare or what school to attend, or you're in the work world, stuck in a career that doesn't feel right, anchors consulting can help you chart the course to take you where you want to go.

anchors consulting also works with executives, middle managers and corporate teams to maximize productivity and enhance efficiency.  People who have been 'downsized' in a challenging economy also benefit from our services as they maneuver this important transitional period.  anchors consulting uses proven strategies to help people, regardless of their age or situation, navigate the seas of change and choices that life brings.          



Would you attempt to drive across the country or sail unfamiliar waters without a map?  Your life can be much the same way.  To help you chart your course, our consultants utilize the most appropriate and advanced tools to guide you as you find the key to your passion and utilize your natural abilities.

anchors consulting

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